There are many lending apps in Kenya, while we cannot advise you on which specific lenders to use, we advise you to check on the interest rates and apply with lenders with favorable interest rates. Also try to have financial discipline to avoid a situation in which you have so many debts from multiple lenders to ensure you have peace of mind.

Some of the most popular lending Apps are :

  1. Tala

2. Branch

3. Berry

4. Zenka

5. Zazipay

The Zazipay loan app is also available for iphone users on Apple App store

6. Okolea

Okolea App is also available for iPhone users on Apple Appstore

7. HelaPay

8. UbaPesa

9. L Pesa

10. Senti

11. Stawika

12. Okash

13. Ipesa

There are many other mobile lending apps, please note that while we are informing you about the apps it only you who can decide which lender or lenders you will use when applying for a mobile loan based on your financial situation.

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